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Wilson: Patriots get their QB in latest Mock Draft

Mock Drafts are all the rage right now. The Patriots have the 3rd overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Unless if the Patriots trade up into one of the top 2 spots, I expect that QBs Drake Maye (UNC) and Caleb Williams (USC) will be gone. I am not sure which QB will be picked first, but it is a safe bet that it will be Maye or Williams. If one of those 2 are still available then I predict they will select a QB, but what is the likelihood that both the Bears and Commanders don’t draft QBs.

So, in short here is my latest 3 round mock draft for the New England Patriots.

Patriots Mock Draft

Marvin Harrison Jr, WR, Ohio State

I’m selecting Harrison Jr. as the Patriots 1st round pick in the event that both Maye and Williams are already off the board. The other option I could see here would be to draft Joe Alt, OT, Notre Dame. If the Patriots go with Alt over Harrison, then they would draft a WR in the 2nd or 3rd.

Overview of Marvin Harrison Jr. by Lance Zierlein (NFL Analyst):

Harrison comes from impressive NFL bloodlines and possesses similarities that made his father, Pro Football Hall of Famer Marvin Harrison, special. Harrison can run but isn’t a burner. What makes him tough to handle is his consistent play speed paired with quality salesmanship in his routes. He’s able to uncover no matter where he’s aligned or which part of the field his assignment takes him to, and he is capable of finishing catches in a crowd. Harrison can be sudden while working possession routes, and he’s well qualified to beat any opponent with his ball skills if the battle heads deep. Harrison is a touchdown champ with a variety of ways to excel, and that characteristic figures to follow him into the pros. He has the traits and tools to win in all three phases of the route and on all three levels of the field. He’s a pedigree prospect and a Day 1 starter with high-end production expected.

J.J. McCarthy, QB, Michigan

McCarthy is one of the players who is consistently improving his draft stock. Some are projecting McCarthy to be a top 3 QB in the Draft, but I still have McCarthy as the 4th QB in the Draft after Maye, Williams, and Jayden Daniels. I have him slotted higher than Bo Nix out of Oregon.

Overview by Lance Zierlein (NFL Analyst):

Enigmatic quarterback lacking the measurables and splash throws associated with early round quarterbacks but possessing elements that require more study and consideration. McCarthy lacks frame thickness and a plus arm. He’s fairly poised in the pocket but is average as a pocket passer. His ball placement and timing need to improve to help mitigate an average operation time due to a windup release. McCarthy doesn’t seek to play out of structure but is fairly consistent at making positive plays when it happens and ramps up his focus late in games and on third downs. He is confident and seems to have the ability to take slights and digest it as competitive fuel. McCarthy should continue to improve as a passer, but he fails to stand out in many of the areas that tend to be predictive of top-level success in the NFL.

Blake Fisher, OT, Notre Dame

I’m selecting Fisher in the 3rd round if they don’t select Joe Alt in the 1st round. If they do select Alt in the 1st then this pick will likely be a WR. There would be plenty of quality WRs to choose from in the 3rd including the possibilities of Johnny Wilson (FSU), Xavier Legette (South Carolina), Jamari Thrash (Louisville), and Brenden Rice (USC).

Overview by Lance Zierlein (NFL Analyst):

Athletic tackle with the talent to gain some traction in a draft that is deep at his position. Fisher can be late off the ball, creating early disadvantages, and his contact balance and hand usage can be spotty at times. He’s a capable climber and puller as a move blocker and he does a nice job of drive blocking with plus technique to create leverage. He establishes his anchor against a bull rush but will occasionally struggle to open his hips and keep edge rushers from flattening into the pocket. In general, he’s going to mirror up against counters. Fisher needs to do a better job with consistency and finishing blocks, but he has the tape and tools to become a starter at either tackle spot.