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Why it’s time to stop comparing Josh Allen to Patrick Mahomes

Did you know that Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills were up against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs with 13 seconds left in the 2021 playoffs?

If you look at the coverage of the national media to Josh Allen that is all they talk about when speaking of Allen.

The media has compared Allen to Mahomes on a regular basis but the comparisons should end until Allen proves otherwise.  

Mahomes has won 3 Super Bowls including back to back and has been to 6 AFC Title games. 

Allen has been to only one AFC title game.  

It’s also worth noting that the Bills led by Allen have not beaten Kansas City in the postseason going 0-3. 

The Cincinnati Bengals led by Joe Burrow beat Mahomes in the AFC Title game in 2021. 

That national media seems to defend Allen at every turn. 

Many analysts including the NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt and ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky were quick to rush to Allen’s defense during a tumultuous year which saw the Bills lose many close games due to Allen’s turnover issue. 

Orlovsky stated that if not for the losses, Allen would’ve been the runaway MVP and the turnovers were irrelevant.

They also rushed to the defense of Allen after his 3rd straight loss to Mahomes in the postseason this past January and 4th straight against either Mahomes or Burrow. 

Brandt stated that Allen played near flawless against the Chiefs despite only throwing for only 186 yards against Mahomes.  Allen was also saved by a fumble recovery by Spencer Brown which would’ve ended the game sooner.

Outside of Allen the best quarterbacks in the league are all African American at the moment.  Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Jalen Hurts and CJ Stroud are all leading the way. 

The question can be asked if the national media are pinning their hopes on Allen to be the most dominant quarterback in the NFL due to his race.  Which is why they continue to put their hopes on comparing Allen to Mahomes. 

However unlike Jackson, Allen has never won an MVP and unlike Hurts has not been to a Super Bowl. 

When the media continues to talk of the fact that Bills were up against the Chiefs with 13 seconds left, they gloss over in the end they lost in overtime. 

Unless that loss turns into a win in the next playoff matchup Allen will nowhere near Mahomes in comparison. 

The national media needs to understand that.   

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