Jacoby Brissett

Brissett staunch advocate for mental health awareness

Jacoby Brissett has had a journeyman-type career. 

After being drafted by the Patriots in 2016, he played for four other teams before returning to New England this offseason. 

And from one city to the next, he’s also Aside been a strong advocate for mental health awareness.

Back in 2021, as quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, Brissett created a video about his mental health struggles. 

He commented that as a quarterback mental health goes hand in hand with staying physically sharp. 

He also commented during the course of his career before every game he meditates which allows to be freer during the game itself. 

Brissett, who won a Super Bowl with New England in 2016, spoke in the video about the importance of communication – listening and talking to someone during difficult times.


Brissett now will be able to use his experience and leadership to mold whoever the Patriots choose to draft at quarterback in a few weeks.  


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