Tua’s time. An important season (and contract) loom for the Dolphins QB

By Dan Becker

This season will be a pivotal one for the Miami Dolphins and Tua Tagovailoa.

The quarterback is entering the fifth year of his rookie deal and is hoping to sign a long term extension with the team before the start of the regular season.

Tagovailoa is coming off his first complete season as a starter leading the Dolphins to their second straight playoff berth.

Since his rookie year in 2020 he’s had a history of injuries during his career.

The hope is he can continue to stay healthy like last season and move past the Buffalo Bills for a division title next season.

This week, Tagovailoa did show up for voluntary workouts for the Dolphins and both he and head Coach Mike McDaniel have said he will not sit out of training camp this season.

In a press conference this season, Tagovailoa said, ““Just letting my agent deal with that and talk to the team about that,” he said. “For me, my focus is when OTAs come, go to OTAs, show up and be the best teammate I can be.”

His market value should put him near the top 10 of paid quarterbacks.

If the deal gets done and he stays healthy it could be a great season for both him and Miami. Highest paid NFL Quarterbacks, (per year)

Joe Burrow $275,000,000 ($55,000,000)

Justin Herbert $262,500,000 ($52,500,000)

Lamar Jackson $260,000,000 ($52,000,000)

Jalen Hurts $255,000,000 ($51,000,000)

Kyler Murray $230,500,000 ($46,100,000)

Deshaun Watson $230,000,000 ($46,000,000)

Kirk Cousins $180,000,000 ($45,000,000)

Pat Mahomes $450,000,000 ($45,000,000)

Josh Allen $258,000,000 ($43,000,000)

Matt Stafford $160,000,000 ($40,000,000)

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