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The Buffalo Bills have a $43 million problem

After losing in overtime despite a lead with 13 seconds left in the 2021 NFL playoffs, the Buffalo Bills went all in to get to a Super Bowl.

Now after home losses to Joe Burrow and Patrick Mahomes in back to back playoff games, the Bills are in bad spot in relation to the salary cap for 2024. projects the Bills at $43 million over the estimated 2024 cap.

 Allen’s contract extension is a $47.1 million hit in 2024, nearly one-fifth of the Bills’ payroll as it relates to the cap.

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Center Mitch Morse has one year left on a contract that will take up $11.7 million of cap space, but would give the Bills $8.7 million in cap savings if he’s released.

Linebacker Von Miller has $10.7 million of his $17 million 2024 compensation guaranteed and the rest will be guaranteed at the start of the new league year. 

The Miller investment did not work out before the start of 2022 due to injuries and inconsistent play. 

Miller also was arrested for domestic violence during last season and the Bills should be questioned as to why they let him play in the first place after the arrest.

General Manager Brandon Beane will more than likely going bargain shopping for next season to fill out a roster or rely on a strong draft in April. 

That begs the question if the Bills will take a step back for 2024. 

Burrow, Mahomes and CJ Stroud aren’t going anywhere and it may be to time to ask if the Bills attempts to get the Super Bowl in the past two years doomed their chances for 2024 and beyond.   

Only time will tell.

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