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Four ways the Buffalo Bills can make the playoffs

A few weeks ago the Buffalo Bills were at 6-6 and on life support for the playoffs. 

Due to the sound play of Josh Allen and strong running from James Cook they have won four straight and are on the verge on the NFL playoffs once again. 

Below are the playoff clinching scenarios for Week 18 for Buffalo:

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According to, the Bills have a 94% chance of making the playoffs but there still some work to do.  If Buffalo beats Miami in Week 18, the Bills clinch the AFC East for the fourth consecutive season along with the number two seed in the AFC.

If the Dolphins beat the Bills in Week 18, Buffalo would require outside help to potentially grab a playoff spot. The Bills would need either a Steelers or Jaguars loss or a tie between the Texans and Colts to still secure a wild-card berth.

Buffalo is playing on Sunday night so they will know if they have clinched a spot or will need to beat Miami to secure their 5th straight playoff berth.

 If they do make it in the dance they are team that no one will want to face.

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